Thursday, September 26, 2013


Its just sitting there... Perfect... For sale... But I didn't even ask how much it is being sold for because I guess I need a car first.. But I should ask anyway...

Oh the internal battles of the tiny mobile home obsessed!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wanderlust Vintage and Handmade

Keeping with the mobile shopfront theme, I wanted to talk about Wanderlust Vintage and Handmade.  They did a great interview talking about how starting with a mobile shop allowed them to take their time building their business. You can read the interview on DIY Business Association's site.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mobile Shopfronts

I am one of those creative types who has so many ideas it seems difficult to decide on only one to execute. When not obsessing over tiny houses and mobile structures I'm focusing on my fashion business, that I have been bootstrapping into action since 2009. (More on that on my business's blog) 

Recently, in my attempt to re-evaluate my sense of workspace, I have thought about opening a shop. I've been vending out of tents at festivals for years, but a shop I wouldn't have to set up and break down  every weekend? That seems like heaven! and I can make money while simultaneously using the space as a studio.

So I feel as though I'm getting closer to what I eventually need as a business, but there are still so many options! And deciding which one is the least financially tiring is sometimes the key to resourcefulness  in my idea manufacturing plant. Brick and mortar shop? Rents can be really high, and I know I'd get stir crazy being in one spot. Renaissance faire vending? Less set up and tear down, since they usually run for 2 months at a clip, but theme restrictions and the niche audience can be stifling to a brand to do all year round. Mobile vending out of a trailer? ...... Now that might make my synapses fire a with a little something extra.

The startup costs would be lower than a brick and mortar, and rather than rent, I'd just have to worry about weekend vendor fees... Indoor events would still be a beast unto themselves, but a trailer studio-shop would give me an easy way to transport my products to different venues, if nothing else...

Here are some amazing examples of other people living the mobile business dream, and looking good doing it!

Vintage Bliss's vending setup

And the next few photos are from Glorious Gladys, who I'm ever grateful for posting so many photos of the interior of her mobile shop!

And if anyone knows the source of the Candy Camper, the first shot in this post, let me know!

Monday, September 16, 2013

House Truck by Michael Ostaski

Here is a video that I feel is a really good example of what my blog is about. Artist Michael Ostaski built an amazing home on wheels for himself, and used it while traveling and making art. Being at home while always moving is a challenge, and he certainly rose to the occasion.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Bike recycling!

Had to share this wonderfully quaint re-use of old bicycles I came across in my travels!